Monday, 21 July 2014


Admittedly, I was recently on one of the more popular dating sites. I saw a lot of profiles, (still a bit traumatized from the experience), but none screamed scam-alert to me as much as this one.

(Profile name): VERYSUCCESFUL (photo of a middle-aged, Caucasian, male); 5 photos but all of them were taken at one specific outing - at a distance. Self-described as being born & raised in  Vancouver; with an annual income in excess of $150,000

(Copied & pasted):
About me...
I am a "Single white working professional male,6ft,54 yrs,....i am very Succesful,healthy,has a great Athletic built,educated,mature,very fun loving happy personality,active good life style,lives alone,Financially secure,responsible,Drama free,no head games,and plus with a very cheerful positive attitude in my life ! And i am very easy to get along with and getting to know,and who do have a great sense of humor ! I am very well energetic,out going, romantic,affectionate,helpful,sincere,open,Nice,well manner,patience,good nature,respectful,very loving,kind,Fun,Intelligent,thoughtful,very giving,compassion,cheerful,dependable,and also is a very well reliable gentleman as well ! And live very well nice & stable successful life, & has a great successful professional job (Govt ) ! I truly do know how to treat a woman very well and be there for her and also to be very supported toward her ! I am also 100% real,fun,honesty,and in Heart !!! 
About the one I'm looking for...
I am seeking a very Special woman who would like to become my Soul mate and also to become the very "Best friend to one another in this life together ! And also to share a very happy meaningful LTR with one another as well ! And she also should be very nice,sociable, has a very fun loving happy personality ,Humor,Honest,open,mature, healthy, and also has a very cheerful positive attitude ! She also should be very romantic, affectionate, good nature,very loving,energetic,devoted,and loves to laugh and is ready for a true wonderful man to be there for her and in her life together as well to be very loving,reliable,supportive,caring,affectionate,fun and to bring out the best of one another !! 
I'd just like to add...
I do enjoy the outdoors,dancing,white water rafting,horseback riding,long walks,swimming,Dinning our,traveling,music,Cooking,movies,Candlelight Dinners,fun social events,sports events,hiking,wine tasting,boating,sailing,working out,the beaches,the mountains,the Ocean,sailing,etc..and plus i am also very well family oriented,and i really do know how to treat a woman & her lovely family very well and to be very supported ,loving, reliable,and very well respectful toward her !! I am also very reliable, outgoing,affectionate, down to earth and someone who is a true animal lover as well ! I been told i am a great Dancer and is a great cook,and i do love to cook ! And i also do enjoy a very Good glass of wine and so love long walks together ! I I also like to keep myself very fit and very healthy ! And I also do have a CHEERFUL HAPPY POSITIVE ATTITUDE as well !! I am not all into any head games or any drama's in my life at all ,i do have good morals , values,respect,trust ,and heart in my life to offer and much more ! To me,a woman happiness is very important to me in my life and also to be very loving & very supported toward her ,always! 



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