Saturday, 2 January 2016


My worst fails in 11 years as a P.I.:

11. Accidentally dropping your evidence recorder into your Venti latte.

10. Not calling your surveillance in to local P.D. & having a nosey neighbour call in a "suspicious vehicle".

9. Realizing you shouldn't have had the 3 cups of tea & a bottle of water before your surveillance.

8. Staring at the subject location for hours, looking away for a second, & they're gone.

7. Being pinned down in your "perfect hiding spot" by people 3 feet away; unaware that you're there.

6. Feeling smug for having been smart enough to bring a dog treat for the aggressive dog - then realizing there are 2 of them.

5. Talking to your client about her baby on the way - and she's not having one.

4. Being a female, disguised as a man. And it works.

3. Speeding to catch back up to a subject you're tailing & then seeing the red & blue lights in the rear-view.

2. Working (& recording) undercover & accidentally hitting the "playback" button on your audio recorder.

1. Submitting photo "evidence" for Court; which unbeknownst to you, includes your teenaged daughter's selfies she secretly used your camera for.