Saturday, 18 October 2014

West Coast Women's Show October 24, 25, & 26th. Presenter. Main Stage

West Coast Women's show next weekend. "How Women Can Benefit From Hiring a P.I.". Saturday, @ 12:45 p.m. Main Stage.

Doing a presentation on the benefits for women of hiring a private investigator. Whether it's in regards to marriage, infidelity, divorce, custody, access, dating, or business, there are myriad ways by which the services of a good P.I. can help you protect yourself, your family, & your finances.

Look forward to seeing you there!
(bare with me; it's my first presentation of this type).

Suzanne Edmundson
Axiom Investigations Ltd.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Tips on how to beat the polygraph test

These are some of the tips & tricks people try to use to beat the lie-detector, (but if they're lying, they usually still fail). Being a sociopath seems to work though.

Friday, 1 August 2014

 Some of our cases are so ridiculous, bizarre, or outrageous that they just have to be shared. This video is a great start:

Monday, 21 July 2014


Admittedly, I was recently on one of the more popular dating sites. I saw a lot of profiles, (still a bit traumatized from the experience), but none screamed scam-alert to me as much as this one.

(Profile name): VERYSUCCESFUL (photo of a middle-aged, Caucasian, male); 5 photos but all of them were taken at one specific outing - at a distance. Self-described as being born & raised in  Vancouver; with an annual income in excess of $150,000

(Copied & pasted):
About me...
I am a "Single white working professional male,6ft,54 yrs,....i am very Succesful,healthy,has a great Athletic built,educated,mature,very fun loving happy personality,active good life style,lives alone,Financially secure,responsible,Drama free,no head games,and plus with a very cheerful positive attitude in my life ! And i am very easy to get along with and getting to know,and who do have a great sense of humor ! I am very well energetic,out going, romantic,affectionate,helpful,sincere,open,Nice,well manner,patience,good nature,respectful,very loving,kind,Fun,Intelligent,thoughtful,very giving,compassion,cheerful,dependable,and also is a very well reliable gentleman as well ! And live very well nice & stable successful life, & has a great successful professional job (Govt ) ! I truly do know how to treat a woman very well and be there for her and also to be very supported toward her ! I am also 100% real,fun,honesty,and in Heart !!! 
About the one I'm looking for...
I am seeking a very Special woman who would like to become my Soul mate and also to become the very "Best friend to one another in this life together ! And also to share a very happy meaningful LTR with one another as well ! And she also should be very nice,sociable, has a very fun loving happy personality ,Humor,Honest,open,mature, healthy, and also has a very cheerful positive attitude ! She also should be very romantic, affectionate, good nature,very loving,energetic,devoted,and loves to laugh and is ready for a true wonderful man to be there for her and in her life together as well to be very loving,reliable,supportive,caring,affectionate,fun and to bring out the best of one another !! 
I'd just like to add...
I do enjoy the outdoors,dancing,white water rafting,horseback riding,long walks,swimming,Dinning our,traveling,music,Cooking,movies,Candlelight Dinners,fun social events,sports events,hiking,wine tasting,boating,sailing,working out,the beaches,the mountains,the Ocean,sailing,etc..and plus i am also very well family oriented,and i really do know how to treat a woman & her lovely family very well and to be very supported ,loving, reliable,and very well respectful toward her !! I am also very reliable, outgoing,affectionate, down to earth and someone who is a true animal lover as well ! I been told i am a great Dancer and is a great cook,and i do love to cook ! And i also do enjoy a very Good glass of wine and so love long walks together ! I I also like to keep myself very fit and very healthy ! And I also do have a CHEERFUL HAPPY POSITIVE ATTITUDE as well !! I am not all into any head games or any drama's in my life at all ,i do have good morals , values,respect,trust ,and heart in my life to offer and much more ! To me,a woman happiness is very important to me in my life and also to be very loving & very supported toward her ,always! 



Sunday, 27 April 2014

Times & technology have changed. Even the way people cheat in some cases has changed. But the motives, causal factors, & emotions tied to infidelity are constant. The new signs are not that difficult to spot if you know where & how to look. 
Another one of my clients has had to endure the nonsense so, (as it, most definitely, is a huge sign of cheating), its worth mentioning again1 A). Some women will accidentally/ on purpose leave/ plant their personal items for the wife to find, (typically in the vehicle) (previous blog post with photos of such items). Especially if she is growing increasingly impatient with his promises to leave his wife. The other woman may hope that when the wife finds the items, she will kick her husband out - leaving him vulnerable & up for grabs, ( it sometimes works - especially when the wife kicks him out, he'll - at least temporarily), go to the mistress. Women cheat just as often as men do, (for different reasons), but men don't typically leave items for the husbands to find.
Just because you can check off a number of the following signs, doesn't necessarily mean that your spouse is cheating. But you should be extra aware of - & willing to listen to - your gut.

He or she:
  1. (1.B). Has a cell phone but no bill (may be a new "work" phone)
  2. Has two phones; seems to keep them very separated. When he's at home, the second phone usually isn't around.
  3. Has a separate credit card from you but no bills come to the house.
  4. You stop seeing or receiving bills for existing credit cards or cell phones.
  5. Starts putting passwords on email accounts
  6. Changes passwords for Facebook or online bills & accounts.
  7. Erases the browsing history on the computer after use.
  8. Quickly exits the screen when you walk in (cheater sites have emergency exit buttons).
  9. Allows calls go to voicemail or ignores texts for no reason. 
  10. Increases time spent on computer or phone. Wants privacy doing it.
  11. Becomes moody; picks fights; & storms out.
  12. Finds excuses to leave the house.
  13. Increase in work hours, not reflected in pay.
  14. Suddenly very interested in your schedule.
  15. Requests for you to try new clothes; hairstyle; sex acts.
  16. Jealous or possessive of you.
  17. Sudden change, improvement, or interest in appearance (loses weight)
  18. Change in music (radio stations); hobbies; interests.
  19. His or her family & mutual friends start acting "weird" around you. 
  20. Time that can't be accounted for.
  21. Most affairs are with co-workers; may bring the other person up in conversation.
  22. Money in joint accounts unaccounted for. 
  23. Finding items (mistresses have been known to "mistakenly" drop an earring in the car).
  24. The radio station; passenger seat, or mirror position changed.
  25. If your GUT tells you!  Listen to your instincts
Suggestion: Usually, there is no point in asking directly because you won't get the truth. It may actually make it worse because they will now cover their tracks better & be far more careful about evidence. If you suspect your partner may be cheating, as hard as it is (& I know how hard it is), don't confront them - YET. Get evidence or hire a private investigator. The TRUTH is the most important thing & you will likely never, ever, get it from your spouse. You need the truth in order to protect yourself, physically, (STDs/ STIs), financially, & emotionally. There are many resources & support systems so you definitely don't have to do it on your own.

Friday, 25 April 2014

GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Tracking Devices; Do's & Don'ts

We are not lawyers. The following is not legal advice & should not be taken as such.

The fact that GPS Tracking devices are now commercially available has resulted in a lot of confusion, broken laws, & wannabe/ DIY-P.I.s. There are specific laws in Canada limiting the use of these devices & they are not open to interpretation, (ignorance is no excuse for the law & can not be used as a defence). The specific laws pertaining to GPS tracking devices can be explained by a lawyer but it's actually fairly simple: you can not put one on someone else's property without permission or a warrant. 

You can place a tracking device on your own property or with the owner's consent. Police can put them on vehicles as long as they have a warrant.  Reputable private investigators will only use them under legal circumstances.

If you drive a company vehicle, your boss can - and likely has - put a tracker on it. They have proven to be invaluable for fleet, (and personnel), management.

Putting one on the family car can protect, (& keep tabs on), a teenaged driver - as long as they're not the legal owner.

If you are married, your spouse's vehicle is fair game if it's marital property. You're out of luck if you want to put one on your boyfriend's, (or girlfriend's), car though.

GPS tracking devices are no longer limited to vehicles. Small GPS devices are now used in cell phones, worn around the neck, in backpacks, or even in shoes.

GPS tracking systems have a number of positive applications. They can be worn around the neck, in backpacks, and even in shoes. (, to protect children and the elderly. They can be attached to valuable property, such as boats or ATVs to assist in recovery in the event of theft.

Unfortunately, there will always be people who ignore the law and people who use them for nefarious reasons. Micro units can be placed in cell phones or a phone's GPS system can be hacked into with an app.  They can be placed on or inside your vehicle without your knowledge.

There are two main types that are used in vehicles: wired and wireless.  The hardwired units can be left in place indefinitely.  The battery-operated units are typically housed in a weather-resistant, sturdy, casing with a strong magnet and need to be retrieved in order to change the battery. There are two types of wireless trackers. "Live" GPS trackers can be set to specific time intervals, such as 5 or 10 seconds. Even though they can be pricey and need to have a data plan, the same as a cell phone, they have a number of benefits over the "logger" units. In addition to being monitored in real time, they can be located if they were to fall off of the vehicle. The logger types "log" information and need to be retrieved and downloaded in order to get the information from them. They are less expensive and don't require a data plan. In addition to not being monitored in real-time, if they fall off and get lost  - they're lost.  Both types offer reports in a number of formats and come with fairly simple-to-install software and instructions.  Both types can be either purchased or rented.

If you suspect that someone may have illegally placed a GPS tracker on your vehicle, (or property), you should report it to police immediately.

Friday, 31 January 2014

The First Steps After An Accident; Some Traditional & Some Not-So-Traditional Steps To Consider.

Ok, so you got smashed in a car accident. Now what?

As a private investigator I investigate motor vehicle accidents, (on behalf of the injured). As of September 2013, I also joined the ranks of the injured. The facts in my accident transcend the bizarre so I strongly doubt that you will have to deal with similar circumstances.  There are; however, some universal first steps one should take following an accident.

I got hit with a severe impact & I instantly knew it had caused significant damage to both my vehicle & to me. I’m a considerate person by nature so I cleared my vehicle out of the heavy afternoon traffic & pulled over – as did the other guy. It is so frustrating when people are involved in a minor accident yet refuse to move their vehicle. Ever been stuck for hours on Hwy 1, genuinely concerned about “those poor people” in the accident, only to finally pass the “scene” to realize it’s a minor fender-bender? Irritating. Of course, it’s not that I wish they’d been more injured; I just wish they’d been more considerate. But I digress.

After taking stalk & ensuring that I wasn’t too injured to exit the vehicle, I gathered my wallet, insurance papers, anything I thought might assist with documenting the situation since my phone was dead, (recorder, disposable camera), & my keys.  It’s a good idea to take the keys out of the ignition & lock your doors while you’re dealing with an accident. As unbelievable as it may seem, both victims & good Samaritans have had their valuables stolen from accident scenes.

As obsolete as keeping a disposable camera in your vehicle may seem; it’s still worth doing. As was the case with mine, cell phones can be unpredictable & die.

My case was a bit unusual from the start because the other driver displayed signs of impairment even before I exited my, (obviously totaled), car. Because of this and the severity of the accident, I called 911 - from his cell phone. Hopefully, if you find yourself in an mva, witnesses might actually stop, which wasn’t the case with my situation, so his cell phone was my only option. At least I didn’t have to fight him for it. 

While waiting for police, we exchanged information, including insurance documents & driver’s licenses. According to The Motor Vehicle Act, anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident must remain on-scene; render assistance, & exchange registration and license information, (with everyone involved). The Act states that if the damage exceeds $1,000, ($600 for motorcycles), the accident must be reported to ICBC within 24 hours, (48 hours in rural areas). It’s usually best to err on the side of caution & report the accident to Police, who may or may not attend the scene. Never leave the scene without exchanging info or calling Police. Even if there is no other driver, (i.e.: single car accident), don’t leave without calling Police first. If you do so, ICBC may conclude that you left because you’d been drinking which could void your insurance and cause them to come after you for any money they pay out.

 ICBC lists the following first steps one should take after being involved in an accident:

  1. Obtain the names, addresses, phone numbers and driver’s license numbers of all parties involved in the accident, regardless of who is at fault for the accident and how minor the accident is;
  2. Have a look at the insurance of each of the motor vehicles involved in the accident so as to get the names of the registered owner and the insurance details;
  3. Look at the other parties’ driver’s license to avoid being given false information;
  4. Write down the plate numbers, including Province, of all the vehicles involved in the accident by looking at the license plates and registration;
  5. If a motor vehicle involved in the accident is registered outside British Columbia make sure you get the name of the insurance company;
  6. Find out the names and contact information of any witnesses;
  7. Take some pictures of the vehicles and their resting positions; and
  8. Take some notes about how the accident happened and draw a sketch of the accident scene.

So, what happens if you are a lone driver, (especially a female), & you are involved in an accident in a rural area or late at night? I have taught my daughters to never leave the safety of their vehicle in such situations.

If the vehicle is drivable: I have advised them to continue driving & immediately call 911 & advise them of the situation, (of course, ensure that the doors & windows are closed & locked). I have advised them that if their phone is dead or they have no service to drive to the nearest Police department if they know where it is. If not, then to head into a busy, well-lit, area or gas station. Lay on the horn to get people’s attention. If the other driver has bad intentions, there is a good chance this would scare him off.

If the vehicle is not drivable: make sure the windows & doors are closed tightly & locked; engage the hazard lights, (& signals, & high beams…) & call Police immediately. If your cell phone is dead or there is no service coverage, lay on the horn, especially if other vehicles pass by in the hopes they will stop or at least call Police.

Someone with bad intentions may likely be scared off & anyone else may likely just see it for the safety precaution it is. Of course, I am not advising other people or their kids to do this; these are simply things I have taught my children to do, (as well as keeping pepper spray handy).

It is sad to have to tell them to not rely on the assistance of strangers - especially since I have raised them to always be of assistance to other – but the reality is, (for whatever reason,) people don’t always come to the aid of others. Their safety, & that of yours & your loved-ones’, is paramount & as long as you make it clear that you were not trying to avoid reporting the accident, everything else can be sorted out later.

In my case, the Police arrived on scene & were great throughout. After conducting a search of the other driver’s vehicle, they arrested him. This guy turned out to be the worst-of-the-worst type of offender & needed to be stopped that day. Fate works in mysterious ways.