Thursday, 5 February 2015

How a P.I. Can Save Personal Injury Lawyers - and Their Clients - Time & Money

  1. Re-interview & obtain statements from existing witnesses, (may provide new or different information) 
  2. Identify, locate, & interview new witnesses that have not yet provided statements.
  3. Accident scene investigation, (documentation, evidence collection and neighbourhood canvassing)
  4. Counter-surveillance & surveillance.
  5. Due diligence & investigations. Vetting (plaintiff) or records checks re: previous claims or fraud (defendant driver)
  6. “Independent” Medical Examination accompaniment & transportation.
  7. Our unique Plaintiff Services, (exclusive to Axiom Investigations; details upon request).
  8. Process serving; including complex, evasive, or hostile service, (regular process servers are not licensed for interviewing & questioning

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