Tuesday, 2 July 2013

New Signs of Cheating

Of course, if some of these signs apply to your situation, it doesn't automatically mean your partner is cheating on you.  But if....

He or she:
  1. Has a cell phone but no bill (may be a new "work" phone) 
  2. Has a separate credit card from you but no bills come to the house.
  3. You stop seeing or receiving bills for existing credit cards or cell phones.
  4. Starts putting passwords on email accounts
  5. Changes passwords for Facebook or online bills & accounts.
  6. Erases the browsing history on the computer after use.
  7. Quickly exits the screen when you walk in (cheater sites have emergency exit buttons).
  8. Allows calls go to voicemail or ignores texts for no reason. 
  9. Increases time spent on computer or phone. Wants privacy doing it.
  10. Becomes moody; picks fights; & storms out.
  11. Finds excuses to leave the house.
  12. Increase in work hours, not reflected in pay.
  13. Suddenly very interested in your schedule.
  14. Requests for you to try new clothes; hairstyle; sex acts.
  15. Jealous or possessive of you.
  16. Sudden change, improvement, or interest in appearance.
  17. Change in music (radio stations); hobbies; interests.
  18. His or her family & mutual friends start acting "weird" around you. 
  19. Time that can't be accounted for.
  20. Most affairs are with co-workers; may bring the other person up in conversation.
  21. Money in joint accounts unaccounted for. 
  22. Finding items (mistresses have been known to "mistakenly" drop an earring in the car).
  23. The radio station; passenger seat, or mirror position changed.
  24. If your GUT tells you!  Listen to your instincts

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